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Danby DDR A2GP Premiere Review

Whichever You Choose in the Series, You Won’t Go Wrong

I think it’s hard to choose a dehumidifier that’s all things to all people. In fact, I believe there is no such thing! Lots of factors come into play when you’re looking for an appliance like this, such as the size of your home and the level of humidity, as well as existing damage done by moisture. I mean, it doesn’t take an expert to find the most expensive dehumidifier and buy one.

Danby DDR70A2GP Dehumidifier with Automatic Humidity Control

Danby DDR70A2GP
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I managed to stumble across a model that has pretty much everything you will ever need in a dehumidifier. Based on how impressed I was with this one, the Danby DDR70A2GP, I decided to go ahead and review the entire series.

Basic Info

I cannot review the DDR70A2GP without at least mentioning the DDR50A2GP, and DDR30A2GP. All three are pretty much the same, but they have different capacities which means you can get one that fits your needs best without sacrificing any important features. I’m going to focus on the DDR70A2GP for now.

Two-Way Drainage System

This dehumidifier allows you to get rid of excess moisture in two ways. You can either use the 14 pint water reservoir, or hook it up to a hose for continuous drainage. Personally, I would like to see a pump included with the device so you don’t need to rely on gravity when using the pump option.

However, you can get an optional Healthy Basement Package which includes the aforementioned condensate pump, and a thermometer/humidity sensor. Since this unit is packed with user-friendly features, I would have expected a pump to be included but that’s probably why the price is so good!

User Friendliness and Portability

Danby ControlsThe unit is a breeze to operate thanks to a number of electronic controls which let you fine-tune the settings to the needs of your home.

When using the control panel, you can change the humidity level, speed of the fan, and operate the timer. The panel also has features like indicator lights which let you know when the water tank is full and when the dehumidifier is in defrost mode. In case you want to move it around, there are 4 caster wheels which allow you “roll” it about, or you can make use of the carrying handles.

Control the Humidity Level Automatically

To adjust the desired humidity level on the dehumidifier, you simply set the percentage on a scale of 30% to 90% which goes up in increments of 5%. After that, the fan and compressor do their job by keeping the humidity at the level you’ve set, and energy use has been kept in mind because both turn off automatically when they’re not needed. Oh, and you can also choose between two different speeds.

Other Useful Features

Danby Premiere FilterOther features you might find interesting include a 24-hour timer, automatic restart and auto defrost.

I also forgot to mention it has a removable air filter which is something I appreciate a lot seeing as I suffer from allergies. It might not be as effective as a dedicated air purifier, but it does capture some airborne contaminants that wreak havoc on my respiratory system.

Incidentally, all the features mentioned here are available on all three models.


The Danby DDR70A2GP, DDR50A2GP, and the DDR30A2GP are great dehumidifiers chock full of features and user friendly electronic controls. They’re incredibly easy to use and maintain, and once you get a hold of the times you’ll also be able to strike the right balance between the relative humidity level and power consumption.

Check out the 70-Pint DDR70A2GP, the 50-Pint DDR50A2GP and the 30-Pint DDR30A2GP on Amazon, if you’re looking for a great dehumidifier at a great price!

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