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DeLonghi DD70PE Dehumidifier Review

This Dehumidifier is Awesome, and Great Looking Too!

When I first began rummaging through the internet looking for useful information on dehumidifiers, I was constantly coming across manufacturers that were unknown to me. That is, until the name DeLonghi came up!

This company has been synonymous with superbly designed household appliances for quite some time, so I was hoping their dehumidifiers were nothing less than awesome. Based on this, I decided to check its two top models, the DeLonghi DD70PE, and the DeLonghi DD50PE. Let’s see how they fared!

DeLonghi DD70PE Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

DeLonghi DD70PE
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The Basics

The DeLonghi DD70PE and the DeLonghi DD50PE are capable of collecting up to 70 and 50 pints of water a day respectively. They look the same and have the same features, the only thing that’s different is the capacity and price. The DeLonghi DD70PE is suitable for areas of up to 1,200 square feet which makes it great for most basements, garages, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and storage spaces.

As I already mentioned, DeLonghi is known for the striking design of their products, and the DD70PE is no exception. It’s one of the best looking dehumidifiers you can buy, and will even blend in with most décors.

As you would expect with this manufacturer, they believe in their products and this one is no different. That’s why you get a 5-year warranty for the DD70PE.

Three Drainage Options

As you may already know, a three-way drainage system means a dehumidifier can store the water inside a tank, run through a hose into a drain and finally, drain with the help of a condensate pump which can remove water even if there’s a vertical lift. The DeLonghi DD70PE lets you choose any one of these three options, and when you purchase the device you get a 16 foot pump hose to go along with it.

LCD Panel and Custom Modes

As far as operation goes, the DD70PE is extremely user friendly with a bright, easy-to-read LCD panel and electronic controls which let you navigate all the settings. On the screen, you will find the relative humidity level along with your settings. Electronic soft touch controls let you switch between all the different modes, access the humidistat, adjust the fan speed and the timer.

DD70PE OptionsDeLonghi has also equipped these dehumidifiers with 2 custom operating modes which I haven’t come across on any other models so far. The first one is the dehumidify mode which is pretty self-explanatory. The compressor works to keep up the desired humidity level, and automatically turns off when it’s not needed so you consume less power. If you choose to go with continuous mode, the fan will run at full speed. This setting is especially convenient when you need to dry the air in a really short amount of time.

Both the DD70PE and the DD50PE are among the best equipped dehumidifiers in their class (if you want my opinion) and they feature plenty of “bells and whistles” such as an automatic humidistat, and automatic defrost mode which means these two can operate on temperatures as low as 41F without malfunctioning. Issues such as the water tank overflowing are non-existent since this particular dehumidifier turns itself off once the tank is full.

You can also choose to turn the compressor off, and use the device as a fan only. Most high end dehumidifiers have an air filter which captures some airborne impurities and thankfully, the DD70PE is no exception. Both dehumidifiers are Energy Star certified which means they’re energy efficient. I also failed to mention this unit is really quiet since it operates at a maximum of 53 decibels!

The Verdict

The DD70PE and the DD50PE dehumidifiers are everything you would expect from an appliance manufactured by DeLonghi. While the design of this device doesn’t matter much, I have to point out these are among the best looking dehumidifiers on the market. Personally, I recommend both of these.

If you think the DD70PE or the DD50PE would be suitable for your home, have a “dry-eyed” peek at Amazon.

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