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Frigidaire FAD301NWD Dehumidifier Review

I know that excess humidity inside your own home, whether it’s in the living area or the basement, can cause personal discomfort which is something none of us want to live with. A humid environment is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew whose spores can be hazardous when inhaled.

I find the best thing to do is combat the problem at its root, and that’s where a dehumidifier can really help. During my research on the subject, the Frigidaire FAD301NWD Energy Star 30-Pint Dehumidifier kept catching my eye which is why it’s earned a place on my website.

Frigidaire FAD301NWD Dehumidifier with Energy Star Rating

Frigidaire FAD301NWD
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Features, Features!

Frigidaire has a stellar reputation when it comes to products of this type, and this particular dehumidifier definitely keeps that reputation intact! As you can tell by its name, the device is able to remove up to 30 pints of water during a 24-hour period.

Those among you who are experiencing persistent humidity problems will be happy to hear that this bad boy has the ability of continuous drainage, which saves you the hassle of having to empty the water tray. You operate the dehumidifier by using the controls located on the top of the device and unlike some models out there, these are mechanical.

Other features include a removable water container with level indicator in case you don’t have the option of connecting to a hose. It also has a filter which keeps stuff like bacteria, odors, and dust at bay. You can manually set the relative humidity range anywhere between 35% and 85%, depending on the conditions in your house or apartment.

Frigidaire’s SpaceWise design was implemented on this model in the shape of a handle that can be found on top of the unit, handles on the side and finally, caster wheels which allow you to move the dehumidifier from one room to another with very little effort. If you’ve read this far and want to know more, I’ve taken a closer look at some of the features for you:

Continuous Drainage

FAD301NWD drainageThis dehumidifier is classified as a refrigerant type. Simply put, it’s able to get rid of excess moisture by employing the principle of condensation by having hot, humid air pass over the coils. Since the coils are cold, they’re able to convert moisture into water. That way, dry air is introduced back into the room, and water drips down into the water tray. Very simple and very efficient!

Getting all that water out of the air can be achieved in two ways: Connect the dehumidifier to a drain, or you have to empty the water container. Continuous drainage is more user-friendly, but if you don’t have that option this little beast will inform you when the tank is full. At this point the unit will shut down automatically to avoid spilling excess fluid.

Antibacterial Filter

As I pointed out before, high levels of humidity make it easier for airborne pollutants such as bacteria to multiply quicker. If you suffer from allergies and asthma like I do a dehumidifier with an added filter that can collect these contaminants is a boon, and this model doesn’t disappoint! Its filter is removable and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it all the time.


Much like its bigger brothers, this 30-Pint dehumidifier is absolutely superb, and features some things you might only find on larger models. In my opinion, it punches well above its weight class. In fact, the only thing that separates it from more expensive models is capacity, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. If you are interested in buying one, I suggest you go to Amazon because they’re one of the best online retailers out there (well, I think so)!

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