Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Dehumidifier Review

As you know by now, I have a passion for dehumidifiers (sad but true) and an intense disliking for an uncomfortable atmosphere in the home. This is the reason I set up my website some time ago, however I’m here to keep everyone updated on the best dehumidifiers on the market today, so when I came across a new model from Frigidaire (or rather three) I just had to include it here.

The model I’m going to focus on is the FFAD7033R1 which, as you may have guessed, is the 70 pint model. There are two more models as follows: the FFAD5033R1 and the Frigidaire FFAD3033R1, which will remove 50 and 30 pints of moisture respectively.

Let’s see if this new dehumidifier will beat its older brother, the Frigidaire FAD704DWD which I reviewed last year as the absolute best.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 with Effortless Humidity Control

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1
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Don’t Forget The Basics

The 70 pint unit, as the name suggests, will remove up to 70 pints of water in a 24 hour period. The tank provided with this dehumidifier holds just over 13 pints of water, and you will find the same size tank on the 50 pint model whereas the 30 pint model has a 7.5 pint tank. You don’t need to worry about it overflowing because a “tank full” alert is included.

If you don’t like the daily bucket hassle, the dehumidifiers are also set up for continuous operation. You will, however, need a drain nearby and you’ll have to be prepared to connect your own hose. Plus you need to rely on gravity, as these models do not include a pump.

Frigidaire mentions these dehumidifiers can also help with various bacteria that can cause breathing problems, although you must be aware this unit does not double as an air purifier.
For those of you who are conscious about how much you spend on energy; all three of these dehumidifiers are Energy Star rated.


The FFAD7033R1 is great for basements even if they’re on the large side. The 50 and 30 pint models are also great for this part of the home if it’s smaller. Of course, all three models can be used in any room you wish – just think about the space you need to cover.

All three of these Frigidaire dehumidifiers come with handles to the top and sides, and are equipped with castors so you can move it about with ease. You also benefit from a splash guard which I really like because getting wet when you’re trying to dry out isn’t exactly good for the soul.

The electronic controls are easy to see in darker areas, and it will give you the current humidity reading. In addition, you can set the humidity to your desired level and once this has been reached the fan will shut down. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Comparison to FAD704DWD

If you’ve read my review on the FAD704DWD, you might have noticed that I didn’t tell you anything new or different with the FFAD7033R1. We’re dealing with a new and more expensive model here, but the specs are to a large degree the same.

On the plus side, this also means the new model has the same impressive dehumidification capabilities as the older unit, which is the most important feature that sets Frigidaire apart from many other brands. However, we still don’t see a built-in pump for easier continuous drainage, nor do we have a bigger tank or any efficient design improvements.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The FAD704DWD has a 16.3 pint tank whereas the new model has a 13 pint tank, which means almost 25% less capacity and therefore more frequent emptying. Also, Frigidaire has decided to move the air intake to the rear and the outlet to the side, which means you can no longer place it next to a wall. Personally, I think the front air intake of the FAD704DWD with exhaust on top is a much better design.

The only thing the new model has going for it compared to the older one is its looks, plus maybe the slightly quieter operation. Dehumidifiers make noise though, there’s no getting around that, but this one works slightly quieter which is probably due to the back-vent design.

All in All

I can’t champion the FFAD7033R1 over the FAD704DWD just because the design looks more 2016, so we’re not going to crown a new overall best dehumidifier on this website. Still, the FAD704DWD is a very good dehumidifier and definitely better looking than its older brother, so if you need a dehumidifier for the living room or anywhere else in plain sight and it doesn’t need to stand right next to the wall, this should probably be your choice.

Of course, it goes without saying that the FFAD5033R1 and FFAD3033R1 are just as good, only smaller. So if these dehumidifiers sound like the answer to your humidity problems, feel free to take a look on Amazon. You can find the 70 pint model here, the 50 pint model here, and the 30 pint model here.

And again, should the back-vent design or the smaller tank be a problem for you, I’d recommend you check out the FAD704DWD which I reviewed here.

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