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NewAir AD-250 Portable Dehumidifier Review

One of the Best Room Dehumidifiers You Can Buy, And It Has an Air Filter to Boot!

When I was compiling my list of dehumidifiers worth checking out, the NewAir brand kept popping up all over the place. I didn’t know much about the world of dehumidifiers and the name didn’t ring any bells, so I decided to do some additional digging.

Well, I am happy to report that NewAir is one of the most renowned manufacturers of small and portable domestic appliances, including some pretty nice dehumidifiers. There were a number to choose from, but I decided the NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier is the one that deserves a place on my website. Let’s find out why!

NewAir AD-250 Dehumidifier with Air Filter

NewAir AD-250
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Features and Specifications

This dehumidifier (as its name indicates) is able to remove up to 25 pints of fluid from the air every 24 hours. It’s compact enough so you can carry it from room to room due to the carry handle plus it’s not heavy, weighing in at just over 16lbs.

Its dimensions (L: 11.00″ x W: 6.00″ x H: 19.50″) makes it suitable for most spaces, although I would recommend this for smaller rooms. You can’t expect the unit to dehumidify your entire house because it’s not built for that.

This unit is classified as a refrigerant type dehumidifier which means it takes advantage of compressor technology to get rid of excess moisture. For the more technically minded, it uses an R-134A refrigerant to cool its coils, which in turn are able to condense water vapors. The water then drips down from the coils into the water tray. Very simple and effective.

Drainage Options

Since I brought up the subject of collecting water, this dehumidifier has its own internal water tank (or reservoir if you will) which is able to store 25 pints of fluid. It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about any water spilling out once the tank gets full since the unit shuts itself off automatically. But, if you live somewhere where the air is really humid, a better alternative would be to make use of the continuous drainage option so you can leave it running 24/7.

Additional Features

Portable AD-250Another feature most users will appreciate is the auto-defrosting ability of this unit. This means the dehumidifier will keep working if the temperature is freezing. Yes, it’s true it won’t be freezing inside your home but remember you can use this device in your basement where it can get pretty cold.

Apart from that since it is portable, the dehumidifier can be used on a boat or inside an RV. Although it uses a compressor it is still quiet enough to be used inside a bedroom.

Air Filtering

I really like this feature because I am quite sensitive to air pollutants. The device doubles as an air purifier since it has a washable air filter. It is pretty basic, but it comes in handy for collecting airborne particles that are the cause of most allergies such as dust and pollen, as well as mold spores and mildew.

The Conclusion

Even though it’s not meant to be used as a whole-house unit, this dehumidifier can hold its own against the more powerful and expensive models out there. I like the fact it has an air filter, and don’t forget the auto-defrosting feature which means it’s able to function in basements, garages or storage rooms. With transport wheels and a carry handle it’s highly mobile, so it gets bonus points for that too.

Personally, I love it but as usual the choice is yours. If you think this might be the right dehumidifier for you, check it out on Amazon where there are always great prices to take advantage of!

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