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Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Review

Perfect for Your Small Space

A lot of the attention on websites such as mine is on the biggest and most advanced dehumidifiers. Sometimes, though, we just need something small and simple to handle small and simple tasks. A tiny dehumidifier like this is not only created to service a small space but is small enough to actually set in that small space comfortably. If you have a small bathroom, bedroom, or even closet you need to service with a dehumidifier, you should really consider this one. You can easily tuck it into a corner or up on a shelf. You can use it to remove excess humidity from your bathroom after a hot shower or to keep your clothes crisp and dry in the sweltering months of summer.

Pure Enrichment Dehumidifier for Closets, Bathrooms, Boats and Other Small Rooms

Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Premium
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Whisper-Quiet Fan and Motor

I never realized the importance of a whisper-quiet fan and motor before I purchased a dehumidifier which did not have one. I chose to place that dehumidifier in my bedroom, and as the hustle and bustle of the day subsided and I laid down in the still of the night, I couldn’t tune out the annoyingly loud sound of the dehumidifier, kicking in and out as it reached the perfect humidity level multiple times throughout the night.

The whisper-quiet fan and motor in this dehumidifier will allow you to sleep comfortably and noise-free all night long. Since this is made for small spaces (such as bedrooms) I think it’s a very important feature. It is even quiet enough to place in your baby’s room without a single worry of disruption. In fact, the tiny amount of noise it does make may act like white noise and help the baby get to sleep and stay asleep longer.

Auto Shut Off Features

I was planning, originally, to focus on all of the things that make this a great dehumidifier for a small space. Then I realized it had a whole bunch of other great features I simply could not ignore. One such feature is the auto shutoff function. This means that if your water container is full, the system will shut off.

Although the auto shut off feature has become rather common, few will kick in if the unit overheats. I’m not sure why most companies haven’t considered this, but overheating is a real threat. In extremely humid environments, it is possible that your system could run hours and hours before reaching your ideal preset humidity level. If this dehumidifier has been running for a long time and the motor is at risk of overheating, it will shut off.

Easy to Control

Perhaps one of the reasons this company is one of the few to consider the chance that the system will overheat is because it is one which does not allow you to set a desired humidity level. This is one of the most basic dehumidifiers I have come across in my research for this website and my own uses. It simply turns on and off. There is one switch to control this one function.

While this may not sound as appealing to many people, I found it to be quite a refreshing idea. Sometimes it’s nice to have a lot of options with our electronics. Other times, though, it’s nice to just do something simply. Sometimes, it’s nice to not have to read an instruction manual just to understand how to work a control panel. If you are looking for that kind of ease and simplicity, this may be just the little dehumidifier you need.


This is the best dehumidifier for those with small spaces who prefer simplicity and ease. In addition to its compact size and easy-to-use, one-switch function, this dehumidifier features an easy-to-remove water bucket you can carry to any sink, bathtub, and shower, or even out the front door. It is quiet and will allow you to sleep soundly whether it’s tucked away inside your closet – keeping your clothes crisp – or sitting on your bedside table. The see-through water tank and water-full indicator light also make things simpler. This is, truly, a dehumidifier meant to make your life easier. You can find it here on Amazon.

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