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SPT SD-72PE Dehumidifier Review

A Feature Packed Dehumidifying Solution for the Whole House

Ok, this time I’ve decided to review a dehumidifier which is able to treat the air inside the entire home. There are many models out there, but there is one that separates itself from the pack pretty easily and that’s the SPT SD-72PE Energy-Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump.

The unit is manufactured by Sunpentown and based on what I’ve read, it’s one of the most affordable dehumidifier’s out there that has a built-in pump.

SPT SD-72PE Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump and 2 Fan Speeds

Features and Specifications

This dehumidifier is able to collect up to 70 pints of water, and thanks to an Energy Star certification it doesn’t consume a lot of power.

The built-in pump saves you the hassle of having to empty the water container every time it gets full. Instead, the fluid is continuously drained from the device and thanks to the pump you can even drain into a sink (or any other elevated place).

In addition to this, it has an air filter which captures some of the airborne particles which cause respiratory problems. Dust, allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew will be dealt with efficiently. It does not replace an air purifier since it’s not that effective, but I like this feature because you may not need an air purifier as well.

Humid air is also a breeding ground for microscopic organisms such as viruses or bacteria. Fortunately, this model is extremely effective at keeping the air dry 24/7, 365 days a year. You can set the humidity level as low as 35% depending on which fan speed you choose to go with.

Flexible Draining Options

This dehumidifier (as I’ve previously pointed out), allows you to continuously drain the water up to a height of 16 feet, but that’s not the only way it deals with excess fluids. You can choose to let gravity do its job and drain the water that way, or use the water container which is able to store up to 70 pints of water.

Noise! What Noise?

Because this particular model has its exhaust port located on the side, it emits less noise. Even when you use the built-in pump, the unit won’t make anywhere near the amount of noise other units like this on the market do. Personally, I think it’s one of the quietest dehumidifiers of this type on the market.

Additional Features

The SPT SD-72PE is so crammed full of useful features, it would take me an age to explain them all so I’m going to be brief. You get electronic controls which can be adjusted with just a few touches of a button. You also get two fan speeds to choose from, normal and turbo. As is the case with any decent dehumidifier, the unit has an indicator that lets you know when the water tank is full. In case you’re not there to empty the reservoir, don’t worry because it will automatically shut down.

This little beast of a dehumidifier also has the ability to auto-defrost making it ideal for low temperatures. Another thing I like about it is that it allows you to set a timer so you can set the unit to come on or go off within a timeframe of 24 hours. In case of a power outage, the dehumidifier will turn it-self back on when the power comes back, AND it keeps all the settings!

In Summary

If you decide to purchase this 70-Pint dehumidifier, you’ll get a whole lot for your money. Apart from the built-in pump, which is nearly unheard of at this price you get a removable air filter, and some nice flexibility as far as water drainage is concerned. The device also excels when it’s left unattended.

As you may have gathered, there is little I can say in a negative sense about this unit. If you’re interested in purchasing one, take a look on Amazon and get a great deal today.

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